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 Black Streaks on your Commercial Roof?            

                 Can they be erased?

Most people think roof stains (the black streaks on a commerceal roof) are purely cosmetic.  This however, is not the case.  The stains that appear on your roof are algae that are methodically reducing the lifespan of your roof.  These organisms feed on the limestone filler of the shingle causing the reflective ceramic granules to loosen and end up in your gutter. As these granules disappear, your shingles will dry up and become brittle.   This is the beginning of the end for your shingles as the edges begin to curl and bald spots start to form from lack of protection.  You may also notice a rise in your utility bills. Unable to effectively reflect the sun's rays away in summer, your AC unit will find itself working overtime to keep your property cool. The black streaks also absorb and hold heat to your roof's surface, making your building hotter in the summer. In the winter, your heating bill will inch upward as the shingles are less likely to retain the heat in your property as they did when they were new. A dirty roof also reduces your property's curb-appeal and value. We are also able to clean commercial rubber roofs which are commonly white and really display the black algae well.   A professional roof cleaning makes a night and day difference on all roofs! 

GOOD NEWS!!!!            IMMEDIATE RESULTS!!!!            2 YEAR GUARANTEE!!!!

We can erase the black streaks and kill the algae!!  We are a certified roof cleaner in Ohio.  We are certified by the RCIA (Roof Cleaning Institute of America).   Our roof cleaning method uses NO PRESSURE equipment.  Pressure washing will remove granules from the shingles.  We will not use Sodium Hydroxide as this chemical will eat away at the tar in the shingle. We only use chemicals approved by ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association).

Our mixture does all of the work to remove dark streaks and stains from your roof and requires no pressure or heavy rinsing. Because we do not have to rinse, your roof will stay cleaner longer. Leaving the mixture on the roof creates a roof treatment or a hostile environment for future algae growth. Each time it rains, a small amount of mixture is washed off to help re-clean your roof over and over again. After the mixture biodegrades and evaporates from the clean roof, the dried crystals and surfactant act as a roof treatment to keep the roof cleaner longer as it rains.  This allows us to comfortably offer our 2 year guarantee that your commercial roof will remain free of stains. 

We only spray the roof, not your plants. We bag the ends of downspouts, collect all the mixture run-off from the roof and dispose of it properly. We further protect your plants, grass and the surrounding area by spraying the landscaping with water before, during, and after applying roof cleaning solution. 

With Midwest Improvement Services, you have options.  If you have a dirty commercial roof with roof stains and black streaks, we can definitely clean it for you.  However, sometimes a roof just needs to be replaced and we can do that also.  Ask us to check the roof more closely and we can assess the situation and offer our professional opinion.  

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Roof Cleaning Ohio Certified

Roof Cleaning Ohio


Key benefits to Commercial Roof Cleaning:

Streaks on Roof Ohio Curb appeal
Ohio Roof Clean Resale value
Roof Clean Ohio Energy costs
Clean Roof Ohio "No pressure" cleaning
Roof Cleaning Ohio Extend the life of your roof
Ohio Roof Cleaning Kill the algae ....growing on your roof!!! 

Ohio Roof Cleaner Certified

Service Areas

We currently service the following areas in West Central Ohio for Commercial Roof Cleaning and Roof Replacement and Repair.

Dirty Roof in Allen County, Ohio 

Beaverdam (45808)
Bluffton, Ohio (45817)
Cairo, Ohio (45820)
Delphos, Ohio (45833)
Gomer, Ohio (45809)
Harrod, Ohio (45850)
Lafayette, Ohio (45854)
Lima, Ohio (45801)
Lima, Ohio (45802)
Lima, Ohio (45804)
Lima, Ohio (45805)
Lima, Ohio (45807)
Spencerville (45887)

Dirty Roof in Auglaize County, Ohio

Buckland (45819)
Lima, Ohio (45806)
Minster, Ohio (45865)
New Bremen, Ohio (45869)
New Hampshire, Ohio (45870)
New Knoxville, Ohio (45871)
Saint Johns, Ohio (45884)
Saint Marys, Ohio (45885)
Uniopolis, Ohio (45888)
Wapakoneta (45895)
Waynesfield (45896)

Dirty Roof in Darke County, Ohio

Ansonia, Ohio (45303)
Arcanum, Ohio (45304)
Gettysburg, Ohio (45328)
Greenville, Ohio (45331)
Hollansburg, Ohio (45332)
New Madison, Ohio (45346)
New Weston, Ohio (45348)
North Star, Ohio (45350)
Osgood, Ohio (45351)
Palestine, Ohio (45352)
Pitsburg, Ohio (45358)
Rossburg, Ohio (45362)
Union City, Ohio (45390)
Versailles, Ohio (45380)
Yorkshire, Ohio (45388)

Dirty Roof in Mercer County, Ohio

Burkettsville, Ohio (45310)
Celina, Ohio (45822)
Chickasaw, Ohio (45826)
Coldwater, Ohio (45828)
Fort Recovery, Ohio (45846)
Maria Stein, Ohio (45860)
Mendon, Ohio (45862)
Montezuma, Ohio (45866)
Rockford, Ohio (45882)
Saint Henry, Ohio (45883)

Dirty Roof in Miami County, Ohio

Bradford, Ohio (45308)
Casstown, Ohio (45312)
Conover, Ohio (45317)
Covington, Ohio (45318)
Fletcher, Ohio (45326)
Laura, Ohio (45337)
Ludlow Falls, Ohio (45339)
Piqua, Ohio (45356)
Pleasant Hill, Ohio (45359)
Potsdam, Ohio (45361)
Tipp City, Ohio (45371)
Troy, Ohio(45373)
Troy, Ohio (45374)
West Milton, Ohio (45383)

Dirty Roof in Montgomery County, Ohio

Brookville, Ohio (45309)
Clayton, Ohio (45315)
Dayton, Ohio (45400)
Dayton, Ohio (45401)
Dayton, Ohio (45402)
Dayton, Ohio (45403)
Dayton, Ohio (45404)
Dayton, Ohio (45405)
Dayton, Ohio (45406)
Dayton, Ohio (45408)
Dayton, Ohio (45409)
Dayton, Ohio (45410)
Dayton, Ohio (45412)
Dayton, Ohio (45413)
Dayton, Ohio (45414)
Dayton, Ohio (45415)
Dayton, Ohio (45416)
Dayton, Ohio (45417)
Dayton, Ohio (45418)
Kettering, OH (45419)
Kettering, Ohio (45420)
Dayton, Ohio (45422)
Dayton, Ohio (45423)
Dayton, Ohio (45424)
Dayton, Ohio (45426)
Dayton, Ohio (45427)
Dayton, Ohio (45428)
Kettering, Ohio (45429)
Dayton, Ohio (45430)
Dayton, Ohio (45437)
Moraine, Ohio (45439)
Dayton, Ohio (45440)
Dayton, Ohio (45441)
Dayton, Ohio (45448)
West Carrollton, Ohio (45449)
Dayton, Ohio (45454)
Centerville, Ohio (45458)
Centerville, Ohio (45459)
Dayton, Ohio (45469)
Dayton, Ohio (45470)
Dayton, Ohio (45475)
Dayton, Ohio (45479)
Dayton, Ohio (45481)
Dayton, Ohio (45482)
Dayton, Ohio (45490)
Englewood, Ohio (45322)
Farmersville, Ohio (45325)
Germantown, Ohio (45327)
Miamisburg, Ohio (45342)
Miamisburg, Ohio (45343)
New Lebanon, Ohio (45345)
Phillipsburg, Ohio (45354)
Vandalia, Ohio (45377)

Dirty Roof in Preble County, Ohio

Camden, Ohio (45311)
Eaton, Ohio (45320)
Eldorado, Ohio (45321)
Gratis, Ohio (45330)
Lewisburg, Ohio (45338)
New Paris, Ohio (45347)
Verona, Ohio (45378)
West Alexandria, Ohio (45381)
West Elkton, Ohio (45070)
West Manchester, Ohio (45382)

Dirty Roof in Shelby County, Ohio

Anna, Ohio (45302)
Botkins, Ohio (45306)
Fort Loramie, Ohio (45845)
Houston, Ohio (45333)
Jackson Center, Ohio (45334)
Kettlersville, Ohio (45336)
Maplewood, Ohio (45340)
Pemberton, Ohio (45353)
Port Jefferson, Ohio (45360)
Russia, Ohio (45363)
Sidney, Ohio (45365)
Sidney, Ohio (45367)

Dirty Roof in Van Wert County, Ohio

Convoy, Ohio (45832)
Elgin, Ohio (45838)
Middle Point, Ohio (45863)
Ohio City, Ohio (45874)
Scott, Ohio (45886)
Van Wert, Ohio (45891)
Venedocia, Ohio (45894)
Willshire, Ohio (45898)
Wren, Ohio (45899)

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